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Eagles players dreading Lehigh

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I happened to catch a few quotes that I found pretty funny in a recent article about a charity golf outing Brian Dawkins put on. As it turned out, Dawkins scheduled the outing at the Saucon Valley Country Club which is too close to Lehigh for some players...

''On the way up [from South Jersey], I was like 'This is a bad drive. I remember this road,''' safety J.R. Reed said.

''I wasn't even there last year because I didn't sign with them until later, but I remember it from the year before. It's a gloomy ride. But you're excited when that time [to report to camp] comes.''

''No -- I don't want to see those fields for a while,'' safety Quintin Mikell said. ''If I could get away with not coming up for camp, I would. But it is a necessary evil.''

I gotta say, I was sweaty and tired after a day just watching practice up there... So I can understand why some of these guys are dreading it.

That said, it can't come soon enough!

For more info on Brian Dawkins' work with the Burn Prevention Foundation, check out their site.