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Eagles weekend notes: D-Line, Considine, and Andy Reid the soccer player

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Mark Eckel interviewed another one of his nameless "personell guys" to get his thoughts on the Eagles defensive line. All in all, the anonymous football guy seemed to like most of the guys.

"I like Cole," a scout said. "He's a real good player who has gotten better every year. He works real hard. When he got there he couldn't stop the run at all, now he's not bad."

"I've always been a fan of Patterson," the scout said. "(I) loved him at USC. He's high energy. And he's productive. Some people are trying to compare Laws to him, but I don't think Laws is as good. That's just my opinion."

"I'm not nearly as big a fan of Bunkley," the same scout said. "I'm not saying he's a bad player, he's not. But I don't think he's anything special. You ask me to take one or the other and I'm taking Patterson no questions asked."

The unnamed guy seems high on Victor Abiamiri as well.

The Eagles website had some more stuff from Reid and Considine about his previously failed shoulder surgery.

"I think he'll tell you that it feels better than the first surgery," Reid said.  "The first one didn't quite work out, so the doctor went in and repaired it and tightened it up in a little bit of a different way. He says it feels great; much stronger and tighter."

Considine is now in his fourth year out of Iowa and with rehab he is ready to work his way back onto the field.

"This offseason was dedicated to getting healthy, strengthening my shoulder gaining confidence with that."  Considine said.  "Obviously you want to get in shape and put on a little strength too."

This is probably a make or break year for Considine.

Finally, even though this really has nothing to do with anything... As some readers may know I'm a fan of the other kind of football as well. Especially the european leauges. There's an Irish soccer player named Andy Reid, and I got a kick out of hearing announcers talking about a guy named Andy Reid playing soccer

I think it's safe to say that this Andy Reid is the more athletic of the two.