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Desean Jackson, McNabb's savior?

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That's the question asked by Yahoo! Sports Jason Cole in his latest feature on Desean Jackson , which was featured on the Yahoo Sports front page with the title "Action Jackson." Not bad...

The article is an interesting read and further cements the idea that Jackson's college stardom has, to this point, followed him to the NFL. He still has plenty to prove on the field, but the fact that he was invited to te NFL rookie premier , is on the cover of video games , and is being featured in national pieces shows the kind of star power the kid has. It also has the media paying some extra focus on his alleged "primadonna" attitude. I found this little tidbit in the Yahoo! article interesting...

The problem is that Jackson has this tendency to act like a kid who thinks it’s cool to sit in the back of class and stare at the ceiling tiles with a disaffected attitude. During every individual drill, Jackson was the last in line to do the exercise. When wide receivers coach David Culley stopped to talk to the group, Jackson was the first (and often the only) one to take off his helmet. He looked off in every direction except directly at Culley.

About the only time Jackson seemed to pay full attention was when Reid was observing up close. In the NFL, you have to work harder than just when the big boss is looking.

All of that makes you wonder if Jackson gets the big picture, if he understands that he’s part of a big plan to put one extraordinarily quick offensive unit on the field from time to time; the type of unit that could ruin the great pass-rushing defenses from the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. The defenses that made McNabb’s life miserable a year ago.

The article also mentions that Desean will be heading to Arizona to attend McNabb's annual workout there.

[Note by JasonB, 06/02/08 9:11 PM EDT ] Updated with screenshot of Desean on Yahoo!