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Ex Eagles get jobs

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First off, ex Eagles front office guy Jason Licht got a job with the Arizona Cardinals

“We have strengthened our abilities in evaluations and I am particularly excited about Steve Keim and expanding his responsibilities,” general manager Rod Graves said. “I an equally excited over hiring Jason and his affiliation with two great football teams, with him being involved with the turnaround in New England and the ascension of the Eagles over the past several years.

“Both teams highly recommended him, in terms of coach (Bill) Belichick and coach (Andy) Reid. Overall the changes we made enhance our abilities as evaluators.”

And by the way, BOO to however at the Cardinals wrote the headline "Scouting department goes Licht." His name is pronounced "Lite..." get it?

As far as players, recently released LaJuan Ramsey was picked up by the 49ers . Ramsey's release puzzled G Cobb.

I still don't know why the Eagles cut Ramsey.  This made no sense at all because why would you want to bring back a broken down defensive tackle in Kimo von Oelhoffen, as compared to Ramsey.  I hope it wasn't because of some nonsense that had nothing to do with football. 

This young man has a lot of ability but he did something to lose favor with the Birds.  The Eagles aren't so good at defensive tackle that they can afford to just give him away.

What puzzles me is that this puzzled G Cobb... When in the past 2 years has Ramsey shown anything? Or even played for that matter?

Our pals over at Niners Nation see Ramsey as a longshot to make the team .

The 49ers are not exactly stellar at defensive tackle, but it will still be a tough road ahead for Ramsey to make the roster.

Interesting thing about Lajuan that I never realized.... he's straight outta compton! Speaking of that, has anyone ever heard the great Nina Gordon acoustic version of that song?