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Heckert named to NFL GM advisory commitee



The new advisory committee will provide advice on protecting and supporting the integrity of the game, expanded use of technology, player development and scouting opportunities, and ways to improve the Pro Bowl, Scouting Combine, NFL Draft and preseason.

I don't really know what to say about this other than it's Eagles related news and it's mid June... Almost half of the GMs in the league are on the committee, so I'm not sure what the criteria was for getting on it.

The committee also will include Jerry Angelo (Chicago Bears), Kevin Colbert (Pittsburgh Steelers), Rod Graves (Arizona Cardinals), James Harris (Jacksonville Jaguars), Tom Heckert (Philadelphia Eagles), Marty Hurney (Carolina Panthers), Mickey Loomis (New Orleans Saints), Carl Peterson (Kansas City Chiefs), Jerry Reese (Giants), Tim Ruskell (Seattle Seahawks), Rick Smith (Houston Texans) and Mike Tannenbaum (New York Jets).