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Westbrook to fantasy football players "Sorry"

WARNING, the following picture may conjure up nightmares for fantasy football players.


You all remember this play don't you?

Late in the fourth quarter of a week-15 game at Dallas, with Philadelphia leading by four points, Westbrook took a handoff and broke through the Cowboys' defense. It looked like a certain 25-yard touchdown run. The score would have given the Eagles a 17-6 lead, but the Cowboys would get the ball back. However, if Westbrook didn't cross the plane of the goal line, it would simply give the Eagles a first down and the ability to run out the clock (the Cowboys having already spent their time outs). As fantasy fans began to rejoice (early) with this late score, Eagles fans watched in delight as Westbrook simply fell down on the 1-yard line. His thoughtful, heady, unselfish play let the Eagles run out the clock, and Philadelphia defeated its longtime rivals, 10-6.

As great as the play was for the Eagles, their fans, and anyone who appreciates smart & unselfish play... it was a nightmare to fantasy football players, well those who owned Westbrook at least. Given that the game took place smack in the middle of the fantasy football playoffs, people's whole season were likely ruined or saved on that very play. The most amazing thing is that Westbrook is still asked about that play from a fantasy perspective.

"Everybody has a different opinion on it," Westbrook said. "If it helped them win, they love it. But if it helped them lose, they hate it. I get guys asking me, 'Why did you have to go and ruin my season?'

"It definitely will be one of those plays that people remember. It helped out a lot of people, but it also hurt a lot of people, too."

Well Westbrook owners, here's what you've been waiting for.

"I'm sorry about [fantasy football players], it's just one of those deals. But it is a play that will always be remembered. The next time it happens, I will be known as the guy who started it."