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McNabb getting annoyed, Reid expects Lito at camp

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Donovan McNabb has grown increasingly annoyed with the mini media storm over his injured shoulder.

"I'm used to it," McNabb said yesterday. "I understand the position that I'm in. We had that early success and then things have gone the way they have the last four years and people are sitting back and saying, 'What's next?'

"I do think it gets blown way out of proportion. With the injury, if you don't say anything, then people think it's bigger than what it is and if you do say something, some people still think you're hiding something. It's a no-win situation and I've been part of them for a long time. I've heard people say, 'Donovan is fat,' I'm out of shape and I'm too big. I just don't get caught up in it."

"The shoulder is just tight," McNabb said. "We did the right thing by making sure we were cautious with it and continuing to stretch and rehab. Everything is fine now."

One team source suggested last week that if McNabb were a baseball player, he'd have spent 15 days on the disabled list and returned.

"I don't know if it would have been 15 days," McNabb said. "I think it would have been two or three days. If I had to play today, I could. For all the fake doctors and analysts, my body is fine.

Hopefully McNabb's comments will help quell some of the panic over what seems to be a very minor injury. That said, in this town are we ever not in a state of a panic over the Eagles?

Finally, Andy Reid was pretty short with his comments about disgruntled CB Lito Sheppard.

"I expect him at training camp,” Reid said, before admitting he hadn’t spoken to the cornerback, who has been a no show at the OTAs the past two weeks.

When asked if it would beneficial for him and Sheppard to talk before camp, Reid skirted around the question, saying, "Well, we’ll see how that works.”

In Andy speak that probably means "no."