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Eagles done until late July

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Well guys... this is more or less the one time in the year where the NFL really does grind to a halt. There will be no more OTAs, no more press conferences, no more major happenings until July 21st when the Eagles convene in Lehigh for training camp. By the way, start clearing your calenders now because I will absolutely be organizing a trip up to Lehigh again this year and It would be cool to see some of you guys there.

Andy Reid gave some final thoughts yesterday.

"It looks like the team is in good shape for right now," Reid said. "We'll see how things go through training camp when you're hot and tired and you're beating each other up. We'll see how they respond then."

"There are always things that can get better ... I would like to see our speed be maintained through the training camp," he said. "I want to see it when they are beat up, and see how fast we can play throughout those few weeks of training camp. I didn't see enough of that last year."

It's interesting to hear Andy say he was disappointed with how camp went last year. I suppose we won't know until next year how he really feels about this year's camp?

It seems his disappointment in last year's camp has led to him making some changes this year.

First, this year's camp is going to be about 4 days longer. The Lehigh portion is going to be a full week longer. The full squad spent only 13 days at Lehigh last summer. This year, 20.

Last year, at Lehigh, the Eagles' full squad scheduled 15 regular practices, five more abbreviated practices, four special-teams practices and one game before heading home. This year, the schedule calls for 17 regular practices, seven more abbreviated practices, four special-teams practices and two games. It isn't a huge difference, but it will be more work and more days - and the symbolism alone of that extra week in the dorm can be lost on no one.

For the next month, in the absence of any real Eagles news, I'll definitely be doing my best to get some interesting stuff up on the site. With that in mind, I ask what type of stuff you guys might be interested in seeing/reading in this slow time of the NFL?