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Eagles Notes: Shoulder updates, a McDougle article?!

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First off, McNabb poked a little fun at the reporting of his shoulder tendinitis

" "Lakers and Celtics in the NBA Finals! Michael Strahan retires! Donovan McNabb has tendinitis in his arm!" " McNabb recalled with a laugh. "Those are the big stories of the day? The season hasn't even started yet, and I'm up there with the Lakers and Strahan. With muscle soreness? That's the big story of the day? Then they showed a chart of all my injuries the last three years. "Donovan's injured again.' It's nothing like that. It's just precautionary."

The Eagles had McNabb get an MRI of the shoulder and it came back clean. He should begin throwing again by the end of the month.

Speaking of Eagles with shoulder issues... Sean Considine had a second surgery this offseason after his previous surgery before last year was not successful. According to him, it prevented him from playing the way he wanted last year.

"One of the things I've noticed on film is that the last two years, I never tackled one time with my left shoulder,"

"My mindset was to get back as fast as I could," he said. "I was pushing through pain and it was just making it worse. After a year and a half, my shoulder was still hurting me, and I think what I did was loosen it back up from the original surgery and finally it popped out last year.

"But this time I just did everything they told me, I followed protocol, and here I am six months later and I feel 100 percent better than I ever felt after the first surgery."

Ok... we'll see if that was the problem.

And what would a discussion of injuries be without checking in on Jerome McDougle, who says he still can make an impact.

"Maybe they're a little bit down on me, but I feel like I'm right there," McDougle said yesterday. "Just like last year, I had a pretty good training camp, but I've just got to stay healthy. That's been the consummate theme of this movie, not staying healthy . . . I'm a warrior. They know that I have it in me." "I have complete faith in God, first of all, and complete faith in myself," McDougle said. "It's all about opportunities. They've continued to give me an opportunity in spite of all the situations I've been through. I have gone through a lot of things, things where people have said I would probably never play football again. I've proven them wrong."

Teammate Trent Cole may  have went a bit overboard in his praise of McDougle...

"McDougle's a great player," Cole said. "McDougle could go start for any other NFL team."