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An article Lito Sheppard should read...

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Clark Judge of spoke to 4 nameless NFL GMs about whether they'd be interested in Lito Sheppard . Here are some quick highlights.

GM No. 1: "I wouldn't give you anything for him. I mean that.

GM No. 2: "Now this is a guy I like. I think he's a terrific player, and I'd be willing to give a third or a future second for him. I don't know that I would look at him as a starter, but he would be no worse than my third cornerback

GM No. 3: "I wouldn't want him, and one reason is that he missed an average of five games over the last three years. So he's always getting hurt. But he's not physical, and he wants a new contract. So you're looking at $6 million to $7 million a year for a guy who plays 10 or 11 games a year and doesn't hit anybody? No thanks."

GM No. 4: "I look at Sheppard as a solid cornerback, maybe the 10th or 11th best guy out there, but he's not someone you build a defense around. Which means I wouldn't be able to pay what I think he's asking.

I've said all offseason that I think Lito has an inflated idea of what his value really is. He sees Nate Clements, Asante Samuel, Marcus Trufant, DanteDeAngelo Hall ect  getting these massive deals and he figured "hey I've been to 2 pro bowls, I deserve that!" But the fact is that a player's worth is what the market will give him and the market for Lito is just not there.

We know the Eagles shopped him before the draft and it appears no one offered even a second round pick. If you're worth Asante Samuel money, certainly you'd be worth a second pick right

Granted, these are just 4 anonymous GMs and there's always a chance someone out there would be willing to give Lito huge money... but so far that doesn't appear to be the case. Like I said yesterday, there's guys that have every right to want more money because they've earned it. Westbrook is an obvious one. If Brian was a free agent tomorrow, he'd get every dime he wants. I don't think Lito would.