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Eagles reshuffle scouting dept

It seems like the letting go of Jason Licht and the promotion of Howie Roseman was just the first step in what looks like a somewhat significant overhaul in the Eagles personnel dept.

The Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday promoted Jon Sandusky to director of pro personnel and hired Louis Riddick to be a pro scout.

Sandusky, formerly a pro scout with the Eagles, is in his eighth season with the team. His father, Jerry, is Penn State's longtime defensive coordinator.

Riddick, who spent seven seasons in the NFL as a safety, joins the Eagles after a seven-year stint with the Washington Redskins, serving the last three as their director of pro personnel.

I did find one troubling note about Riddick... apparently he grew up as one of these phony Cowboy fans who was from the Philadelphia area!

Were you an Eagle fan?

Louis Riddick
(laughs)…I hated the Eagles, as a kid. That’s the truth. I grew up 45 miles away from old Veteran’s Stadium. I hated the Eagles only because I was a big Dallas Cowboys fan, unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to put it, as a kid I was

For shame!

The pic below is the Eagles front office as it appeared in that "NFL head coach" video game... For some reason I find this funny and appropriate.