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Runyan and McNabb speak on Strahan

McNabb, who Strahan has sacked more than any other QB(although he's played against McNabb far more than any other QB), will not be missing the future hall of famer.

"Everyone talks about that dog in you. Not everyone has that dog to be the best at what he does," McNabb said. "I believe in the last six to eight years he has ranked amongst the top in the game as far as sacks are concerned. His job was to get to the quarterback and he did it well."

When asked if he'll miss Strahan, McNabb said, "I'm not. There are a couple of more guys over there on that line that we're waiting on their retirement."

Jon Runyan, who has held a storied rivalry with Strahan, felt the same way.

"You going to miss Michael Strahan?" Runyan was asked.

"No," he said immediately. "But it will be different facing the New York Giants."

Like McNabb, Runyan gave Strahan his due. Bigtime.

"I have tremendous amount of respect for him," Runyan said of Strahan. "He's one of the few guys left in the league who doesn't consider himself as only a pass rusher. He plays the whole game."

And he played it so well that Runyan didn't hesitate when asked to rank Strahan among the defensive linemen he faced in his 12 pro seasons.

"I would put him right up there with Reggie White," he said.

Classy of the Eagles to send off a rival with some kind words. I feel the same way about Strahan those guys do. Great player, happy to see him go.