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Westbrook hints he wants a raise

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Now, I may not be the most perceptive person on earth... but I think we can pretty easily read between the lines on this one.


"You see guys that are the best players in the league, traditionally they're rewarded for their play.

"I feel as a player -- and I'm sure a lot of other players feel like they should be compensated for the things that they do -- and of course I feel the same way."

Earlier this offseason  you may remember Westbrook made it abundantly clear he had no plans to hold out or cause a problem, but I think we can tell from his words even then that he'd like to get a new deal.

"I'm paid," said Westbrook, who led the NFL with 2,104 yards from scrimmage last season. "I signed a contract that was fair at that (time), so there's no sense in me crying about it now."

I understand the way the Eagles deal with contracts. I understand that if you give in to one guy's demands you could create a whole new set for other guys... but there has to be situations where the philosophy doesn't apply and this has to be one. Brian Westbrook is quite obviously the best player on this team. He's probably one of the top couple offensive threats in the entire league. He's also handled his business and himself in the way an organization can seemingly only dream of in this day of modern athletes.

If any other player thinks they've done as much as Brian Westbrook and earned a new deal like he has.. let him him stand up say it.