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Eagles Notes - Mike Gibson, Desean Jackson, Sheldon, Joe Mays, Dick Vermeil

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Mike Gibson got a little taste of what Eagles fans are all about.

Mike Gibson found out first hand the other day just how passionate fans are when it comes to the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

Gibson was taking a subway train to the downtown area with some of his new teammates when a few of the passengers asked if they were football players.
It wasn’t a bad question, as Gibson, who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 305 pounds as a rookie offensive lineman for the Eagles, definitely stands out in a crowd.

“They just started singing the (Eagles’) fight song,” Gibson said.
“It was pretty cool. There are die-hard Eagles fans. They definitely love their sports out here, which is really cool. They were very encouraging, saying, ‘Go Eagles.’

“The people are awesome. I like everything about this place.”

Desean Jackson was the subject of a hard hitting interview by none other than... Lorenzo Booker.

"DeSean, everybody knows you’re an electrifying returner. What are the odds of you being a somewhat Devin Hester-type player and what do you think about the criticism of you being a ‘raw’ receiver – that you don’t run routes very well?” Booker asked, doing his best to imitate a television reporter.

Coolly, calmly, Jackson replied: "The best thing I can say is that I just want to be like Lorenzo Booker. That’s my hero.”

In an article mostly about Lito Sheppard, I found this pretty interesting fact about Sheldon Brown
Moreover, only Al Harris of the Eagles/Green Bay Packers and Nate Clements of the Buffalo Bills/ 49ers have more career starts at cornerback to begin their NFL career than Brown's active streak of 96 in a row.

That same article again assumes that Lito Sheppard is no longer a starter... Again I ask when this happened? We know Samuel is going to start, but never once have the Eagles declared the other starter. All appearances are that it's an open competition.

In college, LB Joe Mays got the nickname "De-Cleater
"That was a little name that the fans gave me for coming out and playing hard," Mays said following yesterday's workout at the Eagles' camp for rookies and selected veterans. "When you're playing hard, you get in some good hits and sometimes it's the best hits that you can ever imagine. So I got the nickname, but I just try to keep living up to it."

It takes more than a catchy nickname to grab the attention of the Eagles, who made Mays a sixth-round pick (No. 200 overall) in last month's draft. Not only did he hit hard, he also hit often, leading the Bison of Fargo, N.D., in tackles with 90 in 11 games.

"He has good intensity," Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson said. "You can tell that he likes the game. He's a take-charge guy. That's what you want as a middle linebacker. He's still learning the system. He's going to make a few mistakes, but he's into his book. He's a very physical linebacker."

Finally, the great Dick Vermeil had some thoughts on Andy Reid
“How many times in a 20-year period does one coach,” Vermeil said, “coach anywhere for 10 years? There’s Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid. I think it’s a real great reflection on the strength of the man and the quality of the guy. He has great ability to keep the thing in proper perspective, especially having gone through the family problems at the same time. You’ve got to respect him for that. I think he’s one of the great coaches.”