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Quotable: McNabb, Westbrook, Dawkins at minicamp

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First, everyone wanted to know whether McNabb thought the Eagles got the "playmakers" he asked for.

“I said playmakers, I didn’t say receivers,” McNabb said. “I said guys that can come in and make plays for us. We brought in Asante, who led the league in interceptions two years ago, and last year had a lot of interceptions as well. That was a start.

But did he like the offseason?

“(The offseason) wasn’t about my liking, it was for the team,” McNabb said.

Could the Eagles have been any more aggressive in the offseason?

“I think they did a great job,” McNabb said with a smile.

Can they win the Super Bowl this year with the players they have?

“I think we can win the Super Bowl every year,” McNabb said, this time without the smile.

If McNabb is bluffing, he’s doing a great job of it. He seemed upbeat, joking in the locker room and laughing with teammates.

Brian Westbrook was a bit more frank when he was asked about playmakers

"We added some guys that can play," Westbrook said. "At this point I guess you have to go to war with the guys that you have ... unless they add someone else. Me being satisfied doesn't mean too much. I want to add the best players to our team and I think we have some very good players already that can get the job done."

But ...

"If we can get a big-time receiver, a big-time runner, or whatever we can get, that's what I want as a player," Westbrook continued. "Coach (Andy Reid) made a point that he was going to get some playmakers on this team. I think he tried to. A lot of those (potential) trades and acquisitions didn't really go his way."

Westbrook on his contract situation.

"I'm paid," said Westbrook, who led the NFL with 2,104 yards from scrimmage last season. "I signed a contract that was fair at that (time), so there's no sense in me crying about it now."

Westbrook continued to deliver the goods on the topic of player compensation and his personal dealings with the Eagles' front office.

"All players want more money," Westbrook said. "I think the team's job is to not pay all the money that the player wants. I think that's where the conflict comes into play. I think this organization is a very good organization and they try to do things the right way. That doesn't necessarily mean that it al ways ends up the right way all the time, either."

I must say, I really love hearing Westbrook speak. He doesn't try to be controversial or even all that diplomatic either. He just comes off as honest and business-like. What more can you ask for?

Lito on his contract situation?

I'm not talking, so I don't know why you are all hanging around," a good-natured Sheppard told the horde of reporters gathered around his locker. "I'll answer a couple of questions on Monday."

Asante Samuel did his best to stay out of it.

"That's got nothing to do with me," Samuel said. "I just do what my coach tells me to do. It doesn't matter what I am used to. Whatever my coach tells me to do, I'm going to do it."

Sheldon Brown chimed in with his thoughts on the Lito situation

"I don't really know how Lito's situation is being handled," Brown said. "Obviously, Lito and me are close, but he doesn't really share that. As far as I know everything is OK. He's straight. He hasn't come to me and said they're doing it wrong. So, I just worry about my business. If we can play together and stay together, I'm cool with it. Hopefully we can stay together and win the (Super Bowl) and then all of us will get what we deserve."

And would Sheldon mind playing with Lito and Asante on the field?

  ``To be honest with you, I love it. Because I get to move into the slot. I get to rush the quarterback (from the slot). I get to do all that stuff. I hate it outside. It's boring out there.''

Brian Dawkins continued his defense of Lito

'It's different,'' Dawkins said of seeing a displaced Sheppard working as the third cornerback.

''[Sheppard's] play speaks for itself. When he's healthy, it speaks for itself. You have exactly what you need in a cornerback when you have Lito on the field. And when he gets the ball in his hands, it's almost six points.''

But he also defended the addition of Asante

'We were 32nd in the league in turnovers, so it doesn't surprise me they got playmakers on our side of the ball,'' free safety Brian Dawkins said. ''If we just hold onto some of the [turnover opportunities], we're not an 8-8 team.''