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Eagles extend Tom Heckert, promote Howie Roseman

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From the official site

The Eagles strengthened their front office Friday as they extended general manager Tom Heckert to 2011 and promoted Howie Roseman to Vice President of Player Personnel.

"I feel we have strengthened our personnel staff today by extending Tom's contract and by promoting Howie Roseman," said head coach Andy Reid. "Tom's leadership and work ethic has continued to impress me over the years. Tom has also done a great job of nurturing and incorporating Howie's talent into the personnel side of the organization. Howie has demonstrated a sharp eye for talent evaluation along with a knack for creative draft and free agent strategies. Both Tom and I feel Howie will be an excellent addition to the Philadelphia Eagles personnel staff."

Extending Tom Heckert's contract? Ok, no problem with that... But promoting Howie Roseman to VP of player personell? Let's take a quick peek at Roseman's bio to see his qualifications for that job.

Roseman joined the Eagles in 2000 as salary cap/staff counsel. He was elevated to director of football administration in 2003.
A native of Brooklyn, NY, Roseman earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Florida before earning a JD degree from Fordham Law School. Howie and his wife, Mindy, reside in Philadelphia, with their son, Jake.

So, Roseman is a lawyer who joined the Eagles as basically an assistant to Joe Banner to deal with cap matters. I'm struggling to see how that qualifies him to do his new duties, which include "manage the college scouting staff, organize and run draft meetings, and scout the top college prospects throughout the country."

I just don't see it. Other than working in the Eagles front office for the past nine years as a lawyer, what qualifies Howie Roseman to not only scout players but run an NFL scouting deptartment?

I gotta say, this is an odd move to say the least. Thoughts?