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McNabb notes abound

First McNabb was asked about the lack of offensive weapons brought in so far.

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, You must fight just to keep them alive
"It's a growing process," said McNabb, who spoke last night at Syracuse University. "We haven't brought in a receiver or anything on offense, but on defense, we've definitely filled some holes and added some more playmakers."

He expects the team's rebuilding effort to continue into the season. "We'll continue to do that in the draft and make sure when the time comes, the veterans will be ready to lead by example and those guys will follow," McNabb said.

A separate article talked about some new training methods McNabb has added into his offseason program. Cue the Rocky Theme

Actions almost always speak louder than words for Donovan McNabb. For those who wondered if the Eagles' all-too often fragile quarterback might approach the biggest season of what soon will be a 10-year NFL career with even a hint of trepidation, just the opposite is happening.McNabb is so serious about getting himself and his body up to Fitness Magazine-cover standards he's added another trainer to an already impressive stable that annually whips him into shape.

The new workout coach is said to specialize in building up baseball players ... (no, not that way). He's certainly not one of those guys you see testifying in front of Congress.

Though the details will be revealed at a later date, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure the latest workout guru will probably try to strengthen the passer's throwing arm, shoulders, torso and legs as they've never been functionally strengthened before. Maybe he can even teach old D-Mac the changeup, which might make a teammate or two a little less fearful of breaking their fingers hauling in the shorter passes.

For McNabb it's always boiled down to his health. When Donovan is healthy and on the field this team wins. He makes our WR corps work, he makes guys like LJ Smith... McNabb knows his job and in many ways his future in the NFL is under threat, and he knows it's 90% because of his injuries over the past 3 or 4 years. No one can question his talent, but like we found with guys like Steve McNair... talent is worthless if it's stuck up in the owners box with a cast on.

If Donovan is the QB of this team or any team in the next 6-7 years(which is how long he wants to continue playing) it's going to be because he's remained healthy. I think he knows that.

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