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BGN is on the clock

Update [2008-4-7 8:40:12 by JasonB]: The envelope has been handed to the commish and the pick will be announced today at 10am Eastern time at Mocking The Draft.

Pick #18 in the SBNation bloggers mock draft has been made and we and are now on the clock. The pick will be announced at 10am Monday morning and many of the targets we coveted in the draft board thread are off the board.

CBs Mike Jenkins, Rogers-Cromartie, McKelvin
OTs Williams, Clady, and Long
DEs Merling, Harvey, Gholston, and Long
RBs McFadden, Mendenhall, and Stewart
WR Malcom Kelly

That leaves guys like OT Otah, OT/G Branden Albert, WRs Sweed, Jackson, Thomas & Hardy, and CB Aqib Talib still on the board that I could see the Eagles taking.

Any last minute input? I have my eye on a guy I think fills a need and may very well be best player available.

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