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Andy Reid Q&A at the NFL Owners' meetings

Andy sat down for a rather lengthy Q&A this week at the owners' meetings in Tampa and had some interesting things to say. At times he was his usual evasive self, but I did think he revealed some interesting things. Here are some highlights.

It started out with the usual McNabb nonsense where they ask Andy if he's going to be traded blah blah... and Andy said that no teams have even called about McNabb. I had to laugh at the follow up.

Q: Why haven't any of these teams that you've tried to trade McNabb to called you?

A: I'm not trying to trade him. That might be the reason.

This one makes me nervous. Is he being cagey or does he think the offense is set?

Q: Has the team added enough playmakers?

A: I think we've got pretty good playmakers, which I think was evident by the results at the end of the season. We went on a bit of a run there, and some of the guys stepped up and played well.

Q: What's your take on the desire of your fan base to add a top-flight receiver?

A: I think they feel passionate about that spot, and sometimes that can be a bit overrated. But I understand the want there. I don't necessarily feel the same way, but I understand where they are coming from.

Then came the Lito question...

Q: How has the signing of Asante Samuel affected Lito Sheppard's situation?

A: Lito is on the team. I look at it as Lito is part of the group, and we have a pretty good secondary.

Q: If Lito is on the team, then how do things work in the secondary?

A: Asante has only played [the left] side. Lito has been all over the place. Sheldon [Brown] has been all over the place, so it gives a bunch of flexibility to mess with those three guys. It will probably be very similar to when I had Al [Harris], and all the cornerbacks played well, and they were all starters.

Q: Wouldn't it be difficult to keep everybody happy in that scenario?

A: I'm not really in the business of keeping everybody happy. My business is winning games. I think they all want to win.

I think it's lip service, I still expect Lito to be dealt. Then I think he revealed some genuine desires to upgrade a couple positions.

Q: How do you feel about your return game?

A: I think it's a spot where we can upgrade, although I think Reno [Mahe] is a very solid answer. I also think you look to get better at each position, and that will be a good challenge.

Q: Could Clemons be a starter?

A: Yeah, we'll see how he does. I'm not opposed to playing the undersized defensive end. I don't mind doing that as long as I can throw fastballs at the offense. I'd like to get another defensive tackle and have four of those guys and four defensive ends and let's go play.

I think we will see a return guy and a defensive tackle drafted. Then he revealed some interesting thoughts about the OT situation.

Q: How concerned are you about the age of offensive tackles Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas?

A: They're getting older, so I'm concerned. You have to be. But I also know that both my guards can play tackle, so it gives me a little flexibility there.

Q: Would you prefer not to move Shawn Andrews because he's been so successful at guard?

A: Not necessarily. Shawn was one of the finest tackles I've ever seen come out of college football. I really brought him here to do that, and to get him on the field sooner I put him in at guard. I have no problem moving him, and I think he could play the left side as well as anybody in this league.

There's been talk since Andrews was drafted that the plan was always to have him move out to tackle. He was drafted as a one and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him installed as a starter once Runyan and/or Thomas are gone.

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