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Update: Jags not talking about Lito

Florida Times-Union writer Michael Wright has the scoop.

I finally got in touch with the agent, Lamar Smith, who said he couldn't confirm or deny the report. No need. I spoke with Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who said Tuesday that the club has never even discussed the possibility of bringing in Sheppard, a Jacksonville native. In fact, Del Rio said he spoke with Philadelphia coach Andy Reid over the weekend during the NFL draft and "Lito's name wasn't mentioned."

Del Rio was very candid.

Del Rio, meanwhile, viewed the report as nothing more than an agent posturing for a new deal for his client.

"We have not even discussed him in our building," Del Rio said.

Not a huge surprise. After a weekend when the Eagles declared that they got no serious offers for Lito and that there was little interest... Lito's agent has to try to show that his client has some interest from teams around the league and therefore some leverage in getting a new deal.

I have to wonder whether Lito might take this as a humbling experience? It certainly is looking like his value around the league is not quite what he thought it was. Maybe he really isn't underpaid? Taking off my Eagles fan hat and putting on my objective commentator hat... I honestly think Lito's best option right now is to show up and play for the Eagles, try to stay healthy and visit this again next year. No one around this league doubts Lito's talent or playmaking ability, the only worry(and it's a big one) is his health. No one is going to give a player who has missed as many games as Lito the kind of money Asante Samuel and Marcus Trufant got. If he stayed healthy this year and played at the level we all know he can... his value would shoot up. Teams would be willing to part with high draft picks for him and fork over the big money.

Honestly, could Lito have picked a worse time to want a new contract? You could argue that his value is at it's lowest point in his career after these last few injury filled years.

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