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LJ Smith officially signs

"Signing the contract now allows me to focus in on next season without any distractions"
This hardly news considering that when LJ was franchised he gave every indication that he would be signing his tender and would be with the team on time. Now that the offseason program has started the TE has signed his franchise tender and will report to the team with a guaranteed $4.5 million in his back pocket.
"I've been anxious to get back to working out with my teammates so that we can make a run at a championship next season," said Smith in a statement. "Signing the contract now allows me to focus in on next season without any distractions. Since the season ended, I've been working hard, but being around my teammates, working together, is only going to make us better next year."

Bottom line is that if LJ stays healthy and has a big season he could be in for a massive payday next year. He knows that, which is exactly why he knows he can't afford to miss any of the Eagles offseason program.

In addition to getting himself in shape, I'd bet that LJ is going to have one eye fixed on Donovan McNabb this offseason. If you look at LJ's career since he took over as a full time starter in 2005, you'll be surprised how well he performs with Donovan McNabb. In both 05 & 06 he was well on his way to 70+ catch, 5 or 6 TD seasons until McNabb went down. Then his production takes a sharp nosedive.

Now, it's impossible to say for sure that if McNabb had stayed healthy those years that LJ would have kept playing at the same level... but when it happens twice, it would appear to be more than a coincidence. Actually, the same could be said for Reggie Brown. If you look at Reggie's game logs, he's clearly more productive with a healthy Donovan McNabb than with anyone else. You could easily say that Reggie's best games last year came late when McNabb started looking his best.

It all leads us to a pretty unsurprising conclusion. The quarterback is and was always the key to making this offense work.

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