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Lito Sheppard, To trade or not to trade?


To be honest, I was very surprised Lito was not dealt on Saturday. All indications were that he was ready to move on, he was making visits with other teams, and the Eagles openly admitted they'd received multiple offer for him. However, as it typical on draft day, nothing materialized. Andy Reid even said in his post draft press conference that the Eagles had gotten no significant offer for Sheppard over the weekend.

When asked about the Lito situation, Andy was his usual evasive self.

The two-time Pro Bowl player hasn't said much since the Eagles gave a six-year, $60 million contract to Asante Samuel, but he could say plenty if he declines to show up for the team's mandatory minicamp Friday through Monday.

Coach Andy Reid said Sunday he expects Sheppard to be there.

"That's not what I'm looking at right now, no," Reid said, when asked if he's inclined to excuse Sheppard from the camp. "He's part of this football team, just like everybody else."

Andy went on to say he'd sit down with Lito this coming weekend and they'd "work something out." The interesting thing about this situation and the wildcard that none of us know is exactly what the relationship between Lito and the organization is right now. Lito has wisely not said a word about the situation publicly, but reports that he is unhappy with his contract have not been denied. So the question is, how untenable is the situation? Is this something Reid and Sheppard can sit down and work out? I suspect that question will get answered this weekend.

One clue could be that Lito's agent is reportedly trying to orchestrate a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars for a package of 2009 picks.

According to league sources, Sheppard's agent, Lamont Smith, has had extensive conversations with the Jacksonville Jaguars about a possible offer for his client.

The Eagles claim to have no knowledge of this and Lito's agent would not comment.

Smith, through his receptionist, said he would not comment. Sheppard did not return a phone call. An Eagles source said Smith's attempt to cut a deal with Jacksonville was news to the team. The same source said there were no trade discussions involving Sheppard with any team yesterday.

With 2 first round picks and 9 total selections in 2009 already, surely the Eagles aren't in need of a package of 2009 picks... If that trade was made, another shoe would need to drop quick to prevent a full on revolt from the Eagles fanbase.



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