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What they're saying: Eagles draft

King listed the Eagles as one of his 5 teams he liked on draft weekend.

2. Philadelphia. The Eagles always ask for too much in trade. Always. They couldn't get rid of Lito Shepard last weekend, but that was primarily because Shepard, who gets hurt too much, wants a new contract even though he has four years left on his current one. But the Eagles were able to auction off the 19th pick in the draft for a mind-boggling sum, which they got from Carolina -- second- and fourth-round picks this year and the Panthers' first-round pick next year.

On the draft-trade chart, the 19th overall pick is worth 875 points. If you assign Carolina an average 2008 season and give them the 16th pick in the first round next year, this trade will be worth 1,546 points on the trade chart -- almost double what the 19th pick is worth. In terms of real additions this year, DeSean Jackson as a receiver/returner with the 49th pick is excellent value.

King wasn't the only member of the national media to like the Eagles draft. NBC sports gave the draft an "A" grade

By trading out of the 19th spot, the Birds picked up a first-rounder in next year’s draft. They also took an explosive first-round talent (receiver DeSean Jackson) at No. 47 overall. Notre Dame defensive tackle Trevor Laws, who Philadelphia got 47th, has a motor that never stops running.

Wisconsin defensive back Jack Ikegwuonu has starting potential, but is coming off a torn ACL. Linebacker picks Bryan Smith, Joe Mays, and Andy Studebaker may only be special teamers. Fourth-round safety Quintin Demps can fly.

Grade: A

The local media predictably painted a less rosy picture .

When Day 2 of the NFL draft wrapped up on Sunday, the Eagles had added depth at myriad positions and restocked for the 2009 draft. But they were arguably no better than last season's playoff-absent squad that finished 8-8.

Rich Hoffman asks how McNabb reacted

What does Donovan think? This is different from what he might say in public in the days or weeks following the 2008 NFL draft, when the Eagles again traded out of the first round and used their first pick in the second round on another defensive tackle (Trevor Laws), and then used their next pick on a very fast part-time wide receiver and full-time return specialist who is the size of a 10th-grader (DeSean Jackson), and also traded a fourth-round draft choice for a smallish running back the 1-15 Miami Dolphins didn't want anymore (Lorenzo Booker).

It's always telling when a writer's verbiage reveals his agenda. Jackson was no part time receiver in college. Had Hoffman liked the pick he could have described Jackson as the lightning fast playmaker from Cal who caught 22 TDs over the last three years... But instead he chose to describe him as "the size of a 10th grader." I wonder which description McNabb will use?

Paul Domowich seemed to take a different tact, "3 new Eagles could have sudden impact"

Take a closer look at the players the Eagles acquired this weekend before you rip into Reid again for focusing too much on the future and not enough on the present.

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