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Stories getting more and more vauge as draft approaches


First, PFT starts us off with this ground breaking scoop.

As the draft approaches, some league insiders firmly believe that the Philadelphia Eagles will look to make one or more splashes once the picks begin to fly.

His "sources" tell him the Eagles could make moves like trading a pick or trading for a player?

A team might make a trade on draft day? You don't say... This reminds me of Florio's self proclaimed "bold prediction" that McNabb could be traded.

Next, Pro Football Weekly tells us that the Eagles asked about Roy Williams a while ago, and could ask again! The bonus here is that they claim to have an Eagles staffer on record.

There have been many false reports coming out of Philadelphia regarding a potential trade for Lions WR Roy Williams, but one Eagles staffer said the serious talks haven’t occurred in some time, though things could heat up on Saturday. "I’d be surprised if anything happened before then, but things could move quickly that day," the source told PFW on Tuesday.

Let's just be glad that in a couple days all will finally be revealed...

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