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Two first round picks not enough for Chad Johnson

Today in Chad Johnson news...
Cincy seem to have really dug their heels in on this Chad Johnson situation. It seems that he either plays for them or no one. ESPN is reporting that both the Cowboys and Eagles were told he will not be traded, but eye opener is the reported offer the Redskins made.
How serious are the Cincinnati Bengals about not giving in to Chad Johnson's trade demands?

Serious enough to swat away an offer from the Washington Redskins that could have netted the Bengals two first round draft picks, team and league sources said.

The Redskins offered this year's first round pick, No. 21 overall, and a conditional third rounder in 2009 that could escalate to a first rounder if Johnson and the Redskins hit certain performance levels, the sources said.

The Bengals have not only rejected the Redskins, but two other NFC East suitors -- the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles -- have been informed that there has been no change in the team's position that Johnson will not be traded.

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