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Eagles Notes: Spuds has a crush, Kiffin misses Clemons, Eagles overruled

Dave Spadaro seems taken with a certain Eagles LB in his latest article. He opens with "Stewart Bradley's bright blue eyes sparkle when he talks about the game"

Spadaro is not alone in realizing Bradley's hotness. Despite the fact that they didn't like the 'fro he sported before the draft, Girls Gone Sport agreed.

Check out this nappy-headed ho. He looks kinda like Napoleon Dynamite sans the glasses and the high-waisted pants. But he has hot potential. We're drafting him and making him cut that monstrosity. cracks whip

So ladies, is Stewart Bradley hot or not? Do we even have female readers?

Oakland Raiders head coach lamented the loss of Chris Clemons this week at the owners meetings.

On the other side of the country, however, the Oakland Raiders felt a real sense of loss when Clemons signed a five-year, $12.6 million deal to join the Eagles. According to a league source, the Raiders badly wanted to re-sign the 26-year-old defensive end, but he never gave them a chance. The source said that Raiders owner Al Davis tried to call Clemons but could not get through.

Clemons apparently had his mind made up that he was going to sign with the Eagles.

"We'll miss him," Raiders coach Lane Kiffin said yesterday during an early-morning media breakfast. "He was a really phenomenal special-teams player for us early before he even started playing.

"He was out of football and then he came in and contributed on special teams right away. When he finally got his chance, he really did a great job for us rushing the passer on third down. He'll be a loss for us."

This is actually the first I've heard of Chris Clemons' special teams acumen. My guess is that a backup/situational guy on the defense he certainly will be playing special teams for us this year.

The Eagles were one of 7 teams to vote against allowing defensive players to wear communication devices like QBs wear. The "no" votes ended up one or two short and the rule passed.

The Eagles were one of seven teams to vote against the new rule, which passed by one vote. Eagles coach Andy Reid had said at the scouting combine in Indianapolis that he was opposed to the idea because he thought it would be too difficult to determine which player would wear the helmet with the communication device.

Wouldn't the player wearing the device just be the one usually making the calls at the line? That said, I could see how it could present a problem if you like to rotate lots of guys in and out. Still, why not just use the hand signals for when the guy with the headset isn't on the field?

It's certainly not as clear cut and easy as just having the QB wear it on offense.

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