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Lito not leaving?

"As of now, the best thing to do is keep him"
Yesterday Joe Banner addressed, among other things, the possibility of trading Lito Sheppard and suggested the best idea may be to keep him.

I gotta say, this sound like Banner playing some poker to me.

Team president Joe Banner acknowledged on Tuesday that other teams have shown "significant interest" in acquiring Sheppard's services. Banner said that the Eagles have to make a determination whether it's best for the team to move him or bring him back. As of now, Banner said "the best thing to do is keep him."

"You don't see many 26-year-old Pro Bowl players who there is even a possibility of acquiring," said Banner. "If you look at the history of player trades, you'll see a very short list of players that age, that caliber of player, that kind of character. There is significant interest, but the reason there is interest is because he's a good player, which is a compelling reason, also, to keep him. We'll just have to weigh the options of keeping him or whatever else is available, and in the end (head coach) Andy (Reid) will make a decision as to which he thinks is better."

I still fully expect Lito get dealt on draft day. Depending on what players fall what teams... Lito's value could go shoot up.

Joe also goes on to address the idea of a new draft pick value chart. It's definitely worth checking out, because despite what some fans may feel about Banner... he's clearly one of the smartest people period when it comes to talking about the business of the NFL.

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