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The Eagles Youth Movement

In the past I've written about the roster overhaul that's gone on since the Eagles first make the playoffs under Reid/McNabb and even since the 2004 superbowl. Except for just a handful of guys nearly the entire roster is new. Many of these guys drafted in the just the past few years.

New Era Scouting listed the Eagles as one of 5 teams on their way to a youth movement.

The Eagles have managed to remain competitive while making their transition. They are not afraid to release vested veterans who are popular with fans; they make all their moves with the best interest of the football team in mind. They had 15 starters last season who had been in the league for five seasons or fewer, while still holding veterans in key position (QB Donovan McNabb, S Brian Dawkins).

Don't be fooled by the presence of the veterans, though, as the Eagles are just a season or two away from a complete overhaul. Many believe that the Eagles themselves feel they have a Super Bowl-caliber roster and are giving McNabb one more shot to win it. If/when he doesn't, Kevin Kolb will take over a team with an immense amount of talent. As such, they will be looking to add more powerful offensive linemen and more dynamic wide receivers to help Kolb's transition into the starting role as smooth as possible.

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