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Announcing the BGN Draft Challenge 2008!

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I'm announcing the first annual BGN Draft Challenge, which is a contest that will award you draft geniuses out there for correctly forecasting the Eagles' selections.

Here's how it works.

The Eagles have 11 picks, so I want you to submit 11 names you think the Eagles will take. They do not have to be one for each round, you can use your 11 slots in any way you like. You'll get 1 point for a correct name and 3 points for a correct name in the correct round. So if you have the Eagles take player X in the 5th round and they take him the 4th or 6th, you get a point. If they take him in the 5th, you get three.

The tie breaker will be the top 10 picks. So in addition to your 11 Eagles picks, I want you to give me your top 10 picks of the draft in order.

All submissions must be done by email. Send them to me at BleedingGreenBlog at with the subject line "Draft Challenge."  You must use that subject line or it's possible that I won't get it.

The winner will receive the new book from ESPN's Kenny Mayne called An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport and   your very own front page post to talk about absolutely anything football related you'd like.

Best of luck to everyone! Contest ends Friday April 25th, the day before the draft Quick reminder, anyone that's headed to the Eagles draft party and wants to meet up just let me know. I also should have two extra tickets, so anyone that didn't get some and needs them let me know as well.

Update [2008-4-11 15:24:41 by JasonB]: Since we're still early and everyone is working up their lists, I updated the rules a bit. You now get 3 points for nailing the player and round. I also clarified how you are allowed to use the picks. Any questions, check out the comments!

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