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Randy Moss deal not done?

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Of all the crazy, hard to believe stories that fly around during free agency... this one might take the cake. Ron Jaworski was on Sports Radio 950 in Philadelphia this afternoon and claimed that sources have told him that Randy Moss has not signed a contract with the Patriots yet. Apparently some of the things that were verbally agreed to were not in the final deal and that there could be problems now. Jaws then guessed that if Moss got upset with the Patriots, he could go back the Eagles who reportedly had made him a higher offer than the Pats over the weekend.

This one sounds like a real stretch, but that's the offseason for you... Check out what Jaws had to say and decide for yourself.

Update [2008-3-7 16:32:19 by JasonB]: PFT says the Moss deal is done and filed with the league office and Jaws has no clue what he's talking about. Sounds about right.