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The Linc 3.6.08 - Wide Receivers on the brain

One of the weapons McNabb was asking for?
The NFL will be streaming Brett Favre's retirement speech today at noon. You can check it out on (

Donovan McNabb had some thoughts on the retirement of Brett Favre over on his blog. (Yardbarker)

Some Harvard guy seems to disagree with the Eagles strategy of signing Asante Samuel, too bad he didn't have any real points. (Iggles Blog)

G Cobb continues to pump put the lion's share of Eagles rumors saying the Eagles are attempting to trade for a "#1" WR. ('s Eagles blog has spawned an uncensored version. No need to hold back on Cowboy fans now I'm guessing. (Eagle Scout Uncensored)

If you're like most people and know nothing about Chris Clemons, you may want to check out this profile. (Inside the Iggles)

The Pats loving national media is outraged that Asante Samuel would leave for... more money! And they're being taken to task for it. Kudos for the No Country reference. (Bounty Bowl)

Howard Esking had a really great interview with Andy Reid yesterday for over an hour. Read a solid recap here. (Bird's Eye View)

As I've said many times, Iggles fans have WRs on the brain. Does anyone else think that if a guy like Larry Fitzgerald came here he'd become on of the biggest stars in the NFL? I guarantee his jersey would be the top seller in the NFL. (The 700 Level)

Speaking of Larry Fitzgerald, here's a quick update on his situation. (All Philadelphia Sports)

Philadelphia's Mayor, Michael Nutter, is also an aspiring rapper. (Huge Tiny Mistake)

Maybe Asante Samuel can get a tattoo of some Mike Nutter rhymes? (

I've noticed a bit of a phenomenon lately. It appears Philly sports bloggers are breeding at alarming rates! Se the cuteness here &
here (Fortress of Pillows/Iggles Blog)

Finally, SI's Dr Z was maybe the lone nat'l media guy to go negative on Favre's retirement saying, "What could have been - Popularity, skills prevented Favre from true greatness" (

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