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ESPN Insider is sooo worth it

So over at "The world leader" you can pay $39.95 a year to read articles on their website by being an "ESPN Insider." Of course, the majority of the news in these articles is discussed on the actual channel which you probably already have... but at least it's their content. What I saw today blew my mind.

In their "Rumor Central" section you can find this headline, "Eagles eyeing Fitzgerald"

But oh no! You have to be an ESPN Insider to view it! Luckily... I happen to know an Insider.

Thursday, March 6
Eagles eyeing Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald | Cardinals
After losing out on free agents Randy Moss and Javon Walker, the Eagles will turn to Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal reported.
According to reports, despite the pursuit of Fitzgerald, the two-time Pro Bowler may be closer to staying in Arizona than exploring free agency. Roy Williams and Torry Holt are likely candidates if the Eagles don't land Fitzgerald.

You read it correctly. ESPN is asking you to pay for content they've recycled from other news sources that give it away for FREE! Here is the link to the FREE article on The News Journal

Tsk Tsk...

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