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Takeo Spikes Cut

Update [2008-3-6 15:7:15 by JasonB]: It's official Per Howard Eskin, the Eagles tried to get Spikes to take a $3 million pay cut this year and he refused. So, he was cut.

Per the Eagles' official site, Takeo Spikes has been cut. The move saves the Eagles $5 million in cap space.

Presumably your starting linebacking corps next season is:

SAM - Chris Gocong
Mike - Stewart Bradley
WILL - Omar Gaither

That's a very young linebacking corps, but potentially a very exciting one.

More importantly though, this cut has my conspiracy gears spinning. Why would the Eagles do it right now? I could see the logic of keeping him until camp to see whether Bradley is the real deal and if Gaither is ready to take over the WILL position... I could also see just jettisoning him before free agency like they did with Kearse...

But why now? Could they have seen cutting TKO as the easiest way to get a big chunk of cap space for something? Is this a sign that a big signing/trade is imminent? Hmm....

By the way, guess who speculated that Takeo Spikes was "on shaky ground" just last week? Ahh yes, just reading the tea leaves.

Oh and PFT is going to have a field day with this one.

Either way, the Eagles average neck size just went way down now that TKO is gone.

Update [2008-3-6 15:47:0 by JasonB]: Maybe this isn't a sign of something imminent.

Spikes told Comcast SportsNet the move has been discussed since last Friday.

"I’m glad it happened when it did, during the free-agency period, so I can sign on with another team," Spikes said.

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