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The Latest on Lito

Lito to shuffle out of town?
I said when Asante Samuel was signed that it was pretty obvious that Lito Sheppard was on his way out. From Andy's proclamation that Asante was a starter "and then we'll work things out from there as we go." to the fact that Lito was bumped down the depth chart... it certainly doesn't look good for those fans that own Sheppard #26 jerseys.

To further fan the flames, Joe Banner was a guest on Comcast sportsnet last night and was asked, Will Sheppard be dealt?

"We suspected that we would get calls from people saying this is a hard-to-find position, and they've got three starters, and that's exactly what has happened. We've gotten a lot of calls, and we've gotten some very significant offers, and in the end we'll have to decide if it will make more sense to make the move or whether it will make more sense to try and keep the three of them for at least the short term. At some point it becomes difficult to keep three guys like that happy."

For the Eagles, who usually play things very close to the vest, that's pretty revealing. Usually the Eagles party line would just be that they're happy with their players and that's it.

Derrick Gunn, from comcast, is reporting that the Eagles have gotten as many as 10 offers or Lito and are seriously considering 3.

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