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Oh internet rumor sites... what would we do without you?

Yardbarker, the site made famous by Donovan McNabb's blog, is quickly becoming my new favorite rumor site.

Not because any of it is true, but because it is becoming quite possibly the finest collection of complete and total nonsense on the entire internet. I honestly don't say that in an angry way either, it's fantastic in it's insanity.

Check out the NFL section of the site, it's been over run by Eagles fans posting jokes or outright lies.

For those that don't know, Yardbarker is a site where fans can submit articles they find around the net or just post their own... Including this guy, who I think is clearly a well connected NFL insider.

Roy Wlilliams get trade for lito

The lion will recive Lito shepard and 2 round pick for roy williams and their 3 stringer CB.

Yardbarker is a fine idea, and I like that they try to use it to promote blogs and what not... but could they maybe hire an admin over there? They're obviously spending money hiring all these pro athletes to do real blogs on the site, but how are they ever supposed to be taken seriously when stuff like this & this are on the front of your NFL page?

Actually I take that back, I hope they don't hire an admin. It's too much fun without one.

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