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Asante Samuel is Sheldon Brown's new teammate

THE Sheldon Brown
I saw this on Iggles Blog over the weekend and got such a laugh out of it. Les Bowen asked Sheldon Brown his thoughts on the Asante Samuel signing.
"They got a great player in Asante Samuel," Brown said of the Eagles. "Fans should be proud of that."

As to what this means for Brown or Sheppard, Brown said: "I have no idea. I haven't spoken to anybody. It would have been nice, if [Samuel] is going to be Sheldon Brown's teammate, for them to give me a chance to meet him."

Brown said that he had spoken with Sheppard, that Sheppard was "fine with it," and wasn't particularly anticipating a trade. He said he couldn't see players being jealous of Samuel's paycheck.

"He's a free agent . . . You can't have resentment toward the player," Brown said.

JasonB agrees with Sheldon Brown. If JasonB was going to be blogging with a new blogger at BGN, it would be nice for JasonB to have the chance to meet him.

I sure hope when Sheldon Brown meets Asante Samuel that Sheldon Brown likes him, and that he likes Sheldon Brown.

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