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Monday Morning Media Roundup

Despite the Eagles making big headlines, spending big money, and signing big name guys, all anyone talks or writes about is WRs

However, their fans' top goal - a true No. 1 wide receiver - remains unmet, with most of the top names removed from the available pool over the weekend. Bernard Berrian is now a Minnesota Viking, Donté Stallworth a Cleveland Brown. Andre' Davis re-signed with the Texans.

I'm not a person who thinks we have great receivers(although I don't think they're horrible by any means) and I'd be more than happy to see a playmaker brought in here... In fact I'd be ecstatic, but this WR thing has become an obsession. It's all anyone talks about on message boards, it's what they talked about on sports radio this morning, is what's been written about this morning. The Eagles went out and got arguably the top guy in free agency and still all anyone cares about is wide receivers. I know why fans would be looking for a big time wideout, but I don't know how it became such an obsession?

Another WR article if you like.

Thanks to some creative accounting, the salary cap for the Eagles is actually higher than for other teams. The Eagles' adjusted cap is actually $14+ million over the base salary cap.

Count Donovan McNabb among those excited by the Asante Samuel signing.

"This is an aggressive offseason for us," McNabb told ESPN via remote from Orlando, Fla. "I think what you are seeing is a team tak ing a step forward with a great ad dition to our defensive secondary; a guy that has definitely established himself as one of the top players at his position over the last couple of years. We're excited to have him, his cover skills and his leadership on the defensive side."

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