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Eagles just miss getting Moss

So says Eskin, G Cobb, and PFT
The Eagles, as reported elsewhere, offered a higher annual average than the Patriots.  The Eagles also offered more guaranteed money than did the Pats.

But it was a day of high drama.  The process went back and forth between the Eagles and the Patriots.  At one point, the Eagles thought they had him.  Then, it looked like the Pats had him.  Then the Eagles.  Then the Patriots.

One source said that the Pats won Moss "at the wire."

Moss, as we're told, was afraid to leave a place where he's happy after being unhappy for so many years before that.

The Eagles, as we understand it, knew that Moss was inclined to return to New England but decided to be aggressive.

Comcast Sports echoed the report. Eagles Topped Pats' Offer to Moss

The Eagles made a bold move – it just didn’t pay off.

Randy Moss on Monday re-signed with the Patriots for three years and $27 million. The deal includes a $12 million signing bonus and a total of $15 million guaranteed.

But Monday on Daily News Live, former Eagles linebacker Garry Cobb reported – and a league source subsequently confirmed to Comcast SportsNet – that the Eagles had topped the Patriots’ offer.

Moss’ agent Tom DiPiero would not confirm the Eagles’ involvement, but according to the source, the Eagles have been speaking to Moss for the past few days and had offered more in total money and significantly more in guaranteed money.

GCobb reported that Andy Reid spoke with Randy Moss by phone for nearly two hours in an attempt to sign him...

Would this have sent Eagles fans into a euphoria or what? In a town crazy obsessed with wide receivers, all reports say they were oh so close to getting one of the best ever. I gotta say, I never really thought Moss would leave NE... but hearing how close he actually was to being here I admit I'm disappointed!

That said, kudos to Reid and the Eagles for taking their best shot. This makes me wonder what else they may have up their sleeve at WR.

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