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Time to build our draft board

The blog has grown tremendously over the past year, which I can't thank everyone enough for, but those that we around this time last year might remember the SBN bloggers mock draft. Over the course of a month one blogger from each NFL team acted as that teams' GM and made their pick. Last year I picked a TE in round one, a RB in round two and a DE in round 3. As it turned out the Eagles did pick a RB and DE in the first 3 rounds, although not the guys I picked.

I'm happy to announce that we will be doing the second annual SBN bloggers mock draft starting next Monday. The draft will be two rounds for sure, but could stretch into a 3rd round if time permits.

So what I'd like to do is get the community here to help build our Eagles draft board. In the comments I'd like you to give me your top 5-10 picks you'd like to see the Eagles make in the first round and second round. If you aren't a big draftnik and don't know tons of college players, you can also just give a list of positions you'd like in either round. The idea is that you rank the players in the order you'd like to see them picked if they are still on the board. Remember to be reasonable, obviously Jake Long or Darren McFadden won't be there at #19 so there's really no need to put them on your board.

When we go on clock with the Eagles #19 pick sometime late next week, hopefully we'll have a solid consensus as to who the right guy to take will be. The event will be hosted at our new draft site Mocking the draft. So be sure to check that out in the coming weeks as New Era scouting's draft guru Matt Miller announces all the picks and gives his analysis. Should be fun!

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