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A Raiders blogger talks about Chris Clemons

DE Chris Clemons
On the heels of the Eagles signing DE Chris Clemons form the Raiders, I asked Saint from the Raiders blog Silver and Black Pride for a scouting report.

As I'm sure you'll see, he thought very highly of Clemons.

Chris Clemons is an absolute BEAST. He is very aggressive and fast up the field. He reminds my of Lawrence Taylor when he rushes up the edge.

He is a PERFECT fit for a team that is looking for an edge rusher who wreaks havoc in the oppositions backfield.

If NOT for his injury history, there is no way he'd be available to ANYONE.

It was a great pick-up by Philly. In fact, it is comparable to the time that we signed Derek Burgess from you guys. Similar players with similar upside.

On top of his ability he is also a great guy in the clubhouse and on the field.

He is a VERY solid signing. Even for a smaller guy on the line he works hard to get around blocks and his game speed is unquestionably, elite.

Saints blogs about all things Oakland Raiders at Silver and Black Pride

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