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Feeling the National Love

It's always nice to read some optimism on a Monday morning.'s Don banks counts the Eagles as one of his 5 teams that improved themselves.

As for the team's personnel moves, franchising tight end L.J. Smith alleviated one potential need, and landing ex-Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel -- the top player available in free agency -- gives the Eagles secondary a proven playmaker with a winning pedigree. He can't do much of anything alone, but if the Eagles can generate more of a pass rush than they did in 2007, Samuel will be part of the winning puzzle.

Philly's pass rush got a boost with the signing of ex-Raider defensive end Chris Clemons, who was one of the more underrated talents in free agency. I also like the release of underachieving defensive end Jevon Kearse -- addition by subtraction -- and veteran linebacker Takeo Spikes, who is the kiss of death for any team's playoff hopes (10 years in the NFL without a postseason trip). The Eagles young linebacking corps of Omar Gaither, Stewart Bradley and Chris Gocong is now set.

He also joins the chorus of those that feel the Eagles are still lacking a #1 WR, but feels the team has improved themselves from 8-8 to 11-5...

While we're on the subject of national media Eagles love... Peter King loves the Klecko signing.

I think I love the signing of Dan Klecko to be a fullback in Philadelphia. He's got the perfect temperament and physicality for it. I like how Andy Reid's thinking on this one. It's not the biggest move of the year, but if it helps keep the quarterback -- Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb -- cleaner than they were last year, it's a good piece of a 53-piece puzzle to help build the best team you can build.

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