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Freddie Mitchell thinks he can still play

I'd like to thank Freddie's mouth, for giving me things to write about
Freddie thinks he can still play and blames his lack of a career on Donovan Mcnabb.
Mitchell, 29, thinks he still has something to offer an NFL team and said he's confident he can make a comeback. To that end, he spent a lot of time Thursday chatting with scouts.

"Success is situational," he said. "The right coach can take an average receiver and put him in the Pro Bowl."

That's not to say Mitchell has ever referred to himself as average. By his thinking, his career in Philadelphia was cut short because of his friendship with controversial receiver Terrell Owens.

"Me and T.O. were the best of friends, and that hurt my relationship with Donovan," he said, referring to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. "There were issues between me and Donovan."

I won't even comment on his relationship with Donovan McNabb, because I would have no way of knowing. It sounds pretty far fetched, but who knows?

The problem is that Donovan McNabb isn't the QB of the Kansas City Chiefs, where Freddie was in camp but couldn't make the team, and McNabb isn't the QB of any team in the NFL. My guess is that McNabb doesn't have the power to call every GM in the NFL and blacklist a player. There's a reason Freddie Mitchell's NFL career didn't work out, and it doesn't have anything to do with Donovan McNabb. It's that he just wasn't that good...

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