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The Linc 3.13.08 - General Jon Runyan

Statistically, Lito Sheppard was the 4th worst CB in the NFL last year. Ouch... (Eagle Scout)

Over at Mocking the Draft Matt Miller has posted the full 7 round draft order. So you can go check out where the Eagles pick in every round. (Mocking The Draft)

Seems like <s>rumors</s> made up specuation about Cardinals WRs is en vogue these days. (Poor Sports)

Here's a look At the Eagles cornerback situation. (Eagles Eye)

Randall Cunningham is one of the top 20 mobile QBs of all time. Not a real surprise there... (Inside The Iggles)

Here's a look at the remaining options at WR out there for the Birds. Meh. (Bird's Eye View)

Jon Runyan has signed with Washington! The Washington Generals, who've lost to the Harlem Globetrotters 100 billion times. (700 Level)

Has anyone been checking out Enrico from the 700 level guest blogging about football for the NY Times? Nothing like baiting Giants fans in the paper of record for our country! (700 Level)

If you’re looking for some new Asante Samuel wallpaper, you’re in luck! (All Philadelphia Sports)

A conservative talk show host called Brett Favre a "woman" for crying during his farewell speech. Number of times this conservative talk show host has been hit on a freezing day in January by 300 pound men? Zero. I've never been a big Favre fan, but I'd think twice before calling his  manhood into question. (With Leather)

Finally, after the jump I posted all parts of a Bears fan's documentary about Eagles fans. It basically chronicles his trip to Philly wearing a Bears Jersey. (Youtube)

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