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Fitzgerald fallout puzzles me

Not happening, never was
I can't help but find this whole Larry Fitzgerald thing kinda funny. I'm really shocked about how many Eagles fans are upset that the team didn't get that by all accounts was never on the market. By all reports, Fitzgerald was as available as Donovan McNabb was this offseason. Joe Banner said that if a team offered the Eagles 3 first round picks, they could probably get McNabb... but ostensibly, that meant he wasn't going anywhere. In fact, I said back in early January that Fitzgerald wasn't going anywhere. I said the Cardinals would re-work his deal and that it would only be a matter of time until it got done.

I'm not saying this to brag or pat myself on the back either... I'm saying it because I never saw anything to suggest otherwise over the past few months.

Even so, the message boards are buzzing and the local writers this morning are acting as if some sort of event has happened.

Rich Hoffman is declaring It seems McNabb's wish is no longer Eagles' demand.

Les Bowen has turned to the draft in search of a WR. Actually, the more thought I give the draft the more I think it's possible that we could pick a WR pretty early on. We'll be getting knee deep in draft stuff starting very soon...

Delco Times has already begun fanning the Roy Williams flames. Place your bets now on him becoming the next WR obsession for Eagles fans...  

Adam Schefter of NFL Network apparently just wants to torture Eagles fans by claiming that now BOldin could be available from the Cards. Why Schefter?

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