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New name, same Juqua

First, Will Peterson changed his name to Will James. Didn't work out so well... Nonetheless, it seems like the fad has caught on.

Juqua Thomas has officially changed his name to Juqua Parker, something his late father requested of him years ago. "My father died in 2005, but before that he asked me to change my name to Parker. That was his last name. I just took a long time to get around to doing it. The name on my birth certificate was Juqua Thomas. I can't figure out why. My mother married after she and my father split up and her name became Thomas. My dad wanted it this way and that's why I did it."

Now Jim Johnson is going to have to remember not to call him "JT" anymore...

I think the next guy to change his name should be Hank Baskett. He should just change it to "Larry Fitzgerald" and then all Eagles fans will be satisfied that we now have Larry Fitzgerald as an Eagle.

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