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Eagles History - A day Aikman would like to forget

Sept 15th, 1991. If anyone would have bet the Cowboys would go on to win three out of the next 4 superbowls after this game, they'd probably be rich right now...

The Bud Carson led Eagles defense absolutely destroyed Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys at home in a way Eagles fans haven't seen since... well last year when the Giants did it to us. In only the third game of the season, when Randall Cunningham had already been lost to a knee injury, the Eagles defensive line of Reggie White, Clyde Simmons, Mike Golic, Mike Pitts, & Jerome Brown combined for 11 sacks. They also forced Aikman into 3 picks en route to a 24-0 shut out victory. Funny enough, one of Aikman's 12 completions in the game was to himself. In the second half when the Cowboys were trying to play catch up, Aikman threw a pass that Reggie White batted straight back at him. Aikman caught it, and was tackled for a 6 yard loss.

The Dallas Morning News summed up the dominance well.

So dominated were the Cowboys that they didn't cross midfield until the fourth quarter - and that came on a gift. Harris muffed a punt that Kenny Gant recovered at the Philadelphia 11. Two sacks and a fumble later, the Eagles' offense returned to the field in possession at the Cowboys' 38.


Clyde Simmons, who led the way with 4 1/2 sacks had some kind words for Aikman...

"I'll give Troy credit, he hung in there and took it," Simmons said. "He's a tough guy and he had a tough day."

Enjoy the highlights in all their glory.

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