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Forget Fitzgerald

I remember saying at the start of the offseason that the likelihood of Larry Fitzgerald getting traded was less than the likelihood of Chad Johnson getting traded...  In other words, it was never going to happen.

Bob Brookover throws some more cold water on the Fitzgerald mania.

Larry Fitzgerald is a lot like a $1 million luxury car.

A lot of us would love to wake up tomorrow morning and find one in our driveway, but the chances of it happening are about the same as Randy Moss catching a pass from Donovan McNabb this fall.

Fitzgerald, of course, is the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver on the wish list of just about every Eagles fan. Over the weekend, some media reports surfaced that coach Andy Reid's team had made trade offers in an attempt to pry the former Valley Forge Military Academy star away from the desert.

It's not happening.

A league source said Saturday night that the Eagles have talked to the Cardinals about Fitzgerald, but the discussions have never gone beyond an inquiry as to whether Arizona planned to trade its star wide receiver. The answer has always been the same - absolutely not.

Also, as I speculated, the reports of that ridiculous trade proposal of Lito Sheppard and Reggie Brown never happened. Plus, Brookover talks about something we've discussed in the comments many times.

The league source said that even if the Cardinals had a desire to deal Fitzgerald, ridding themselves of the frustrating negotiations and his huge salary-cap number, the urgency is gone now. The source noted that the best free agents are off the market and that freeing up salary-cap space won't help the Cardinals a bit for the 2008 season.

If the Cards were going to deal this guy, it would have already happened. What good does cap space do them now? They've signed a few free agents, they've kept some of their own guys, and some of their guy have left. They still have money to pay rookies... There's just no need to trade Fitzgerald now. Now if they don't get an extension done this year, next year is when they'll need to trade him or face the prospect of having him walk for nothing.

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