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Hank "The Professor" Baskett
I just had to laugh at this story. Now former Eagles owner Norman Braman is screwing up sports franchises he doesn't even own.
Norman Braman, a former owner of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, opposes a giant US$3-billion public works deal that includes a long-sought stadium for baseball's Florida Marlins.

Braman is suing to stop Miami's so-called "global agreement" in its tracks, contending it was illegally hatched in secret and improperly uses money intended to cure urban blight and help poor people. Braman wants voters to decide projects of such magnitude, rather than politicians.

"Taxpayers in this town have been ripped off constantly over the years," Braman said in a recent interview in his downtown Miami office. "It's time that as citizens of this community that we say enough is enough - that we're not going to put up with this any more."

[editor's note, by JasonB] FYI, I'm no fan of public funding for stadiums. So while I enjoy taking shots at Braman, I have to agree with him here. The Marlins should be paying for their own stadium.

Hank Baskett's new nickname is... The Professor.

Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett hopes to provide Clovis Community College students with insight into the culture of sports from the athlete's perspective.

Baskett will teach an eight-week online course on sociology of sport, starting March 14. The school is located in his hometown.

Sociology chairwoman Ruthie Hefner said students have complained the department lacks electives. With Baskett in town during the NFL offseason, she asked if he was interested in teaching.

"We thought it would be a great opportunity for the public to see it from a personal perspective," Hefner said.

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