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Asante wanted to be Donovan McNabb in HS

I found this little note in an old article on Asante Samuel I found. Thought it was pretty interesting.

Back then, Samuel used to be a quarterback. His high school team, Boyd Anderson in Lauderdale Lake, Fla., lined up a cadre of receivers and let it fly.

"He used to sprint out of the pocket, try to be Donovan McNabb," recalled his cousin, Emory Jones. "He got run down all the time."

There was also a great story about his final HS game.

Samuel was preparing for his final high school game when Egelsky approached him 10 minutes before kickoff. The starting quarterback was hurt and couldn't go. Asante would have to play both ways.

He threw two touchdown passes, intercepted two more, and rushed for 80 yards. He also returned punts and kickoffs.

"It was one of the greatest performances in a single game I've ever seen," Egelsky said.

"Just showing the coach I could play a little quarterback," Samuel said.

The article is a really great read and reveals a lot about who Samuel is as a person. I'd highly recommend it.

Anyone else find this interesting?

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