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Dhani Jones takes up Rugby

Dhani brings his banjo across the pond
I've always liked Dhani Jones the person a lot more than I liked Dhani Jones the football player. I always got a kick out of the bowties and the odd stuff he'd get involved with... This one may be the oddest yet. As part of a documentary Dhani is going to play Rugby.
Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones is in the UK as a budding television presenter on a US travel series made by Red Line Films, and decided to give rugby union a try to portray English life.

A crash course in learning the game will culminate in Jones "playing five or 10 minutes off the bench" against the Cornish All Blacks on Saturday, Biljon confirmed.

"Our players thought it would be fantastic to have a full-time athlete from a top American sport testing himself among our amateurs," Biljon said.

"Because Dhani [pronounced Dee-hah-nee] is a defensive lineman, his catching and passing are the things we need to work on.

"All being well, he will come on the field as a flanker. I don't think it will make much difference whether it's blindside or openside.

"We just have to make sure that when he hits someone it is an opponent who has got the ball and that he's not running an illegal blocking move."

I have to wonder what the Bengals feel about Dhani's little experiment here... Rugby is just as physical as the NFL, except they don't wear pads or helmets.

And if anyone doubts how tough Rugby guys are... I always refer them the French nutjob legend Sebastien Chabal.

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